Quick link and upcoming learning call announcement


We want to announce another learning call coming up, this time with Anuradha Mittal, Executive Director of the Oakland Institute. She will be speaking about the Institute’s new findings and report on land grabs in Africa, which has been a resource rights issue of growing concern lately. She will discuss the links between land grabs and global investment, and what communities are doing to fight for their rights and livelihoods in the face of dispossession and threatened survival. To RSVP or for more information, please email Lela at lela.kiran@gmail.com.

We also wanted to share this story that Al Jazeera has done on the disastrous impacts of illegal gold mining in Ghana.

From the summary: “The problem of illegal gold mining has become so serious in some parts of Ghana that President John Atta Mills has said that he will take whatever steps are necessary to stop it. But somehow, despite the best efforts of the authorities, who occasionally launch high profile raids to shut the galamsey operations down, illegal mining continues to thrive. Indeed, as this investigation reveals, the operations have proved so lucrative that in parts of Ghana, a wave of Chinese speculators has moved in to provide the funds to hire the workers and import the necessary machinery. At one point Anas goes undercover to work in an illegal mine run by one of these groups, for less than $6 a day, and finds that children are being employed too and in the most primitive conditions.”

Take a look:


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Seeks to be a clearinghouse for information around resource rights-related issues, to better link and inform. This is a work in progress, more to come.
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